what the fuck?

Before reading, there are probably a few things you should know, like,

a) This blog is not really for intellectual debate.  Don’t come here if you’re only looking for well thought out and researched essays detailing the demise of human culture through our hatred of things like Hairspray or Mike Huckabee.  I won’t say that we are adverse to writing such things, and it’s not like we won’t one day feel like giving you a term paper on why the Cuban Missile Crisis sucked.  I was actually thinking about doing that last night, as I sipped away more Jack and diet Cokes than I can remember.  But, dear readers, the title of this blog contains the word “bitching” and that is exactly what we intend to do.

b) These words are synonymous with bitching: whining, complaining, ranting… this list will continue as soon as my hangover dissapates and I can think of more words.

c) We do not own any portion of the rights to any of the people/things/midgets/concepts that we are bitching about, and we never said that we did, so don’t sue us.

d) It’s Sunday morning (or is it afternoon?) and I have headache.  I’ll think of more fascinating shit of which you should be aware… later.


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